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Mobile Appliance Repairs Service in Brisbane, Queensland

We do it all…

Our team of appliance repair professionals do it all. We fix all major brands, makes and models. 

Home Appliances

Our technicians are skilled to fix all major home appliances.


We’re pros at tackling dishwashers, it just comes natural to us.


Dryers are one of the most common appliances that need repairs.


Buying a new fridge is expensive, but repairing one is a fraction of the price.

Garbage Disposal

Blades not working, leaking or won’t turn on? We can fix it.


If it was simple everyone would be fixing it. For us, it simple.


We’ll have your oven working as good as new, no replacement needed.


We’ll repair the stove you have and save you hundreds.

Washing Machine

We repair washers for all brands, makes and models in Brisbane.

Why Choose Brisbane Appliance Repairs Service

customer satisfaction

We’re happy when you’re happy. We strive for excellence which all starts with our 100% customer satisfaction goal.

One-Stop Appliance Repairs

We repair all major home appliances. It only takes one phone call and you get a professional technician.

No Hassle quote

We’ll give you a quote right over the phone and we’re confident you’ll like what we have to say, hassle free.


“Never thought I would get someone out on a Sunday afternoon, but they were there within hours. With 4 kids, a working dishwasher is a must. Thank You So Much Brisbane Appliance Repair Service.”

Shay Lawrence

Washer stopped working and couldn’t afford to buy new. Brisbane Appliance Repair Service was able to get my washer working better than before. Saved a ton of money!”

Abby Forester

“Thank goodness they were able to come out on short notice, my washer was leaking water everywhere. They were able to stop the leak and also fixed the shaking which was going on for months.”

Kayla Durey

Freequently Asked Questions

Better to buy new or replace the appliance we have?

If we’re looking at having your current appliance repaired or buying a new one comparable in price to what you would have paid 10 years ago, this would be an invalid comparison. The same appliance would neither be similar in durability and quality. If you to buy a new appliance with a new one that costs about what you would have paid a decade ago, you will end up having to buy a new one or repairing it 3 – 4 years. You’ll have to pay much more upfront for a good, quality appliance that will be dependable for at least 10 years or pay less upfront for a lower quality appliance and then expect to pay over-time for costly repairs.

What's the most common problem you see with appliance repairs?

Believe it or not, it’s the power chord. Usually, it’s the simplest problem to fix ends up being the hardest problem to figure out. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve scheduled a service call to find out the washer, dishwasher or fridge was accidentally unplugged. Check the chord first, or if you want, call us and we’ll check it for you.

What types of home appliances do you work on?

We literally do it all. We service all major home appliances including washers, dryers, garbage disposals, ovens, stoves, refrigerators and everything in between. If you have an appliance that needs to be repaired, give us a call and let’s talk about it.

Will you come out on weekends and during the night?

We’re extremely flexible with our service calls and we go out of our way to make our time available when it’s convenient for you. We understand the dependence we all have on the things we take for granted in life, and appliances are no different. Whether it’s a weekend, holiday or after dinner, we’re available.

What if we don't know what the problem is, can you still help.

We don’t expect our customers to diagnose the problem for us, this is what we do best. It all starts with a phone call and in most instance this gives us enough information to give us a good idea on what needs to be fixed. This also allows us to bring the parts we think we’ll need with us including brand, make and model specific parts which makes the service call more efficient. This in turn means a cheaper rate for you.

Why is your Quotes so low?

We do not believe in over-charging our customers, because we know, if you’re happy with our service including our price you’re more apt to tell your friends and family about us. It’s true, our prices are much lower than other Brisbane appliance repair services as our history and reputation speaks for itself, which allows us to charge less.

Have a differint Question?

sWhen it comes to Brisbane Appliance Repairs Service in QLD, we consider having issues with appliances as “mini-emergencies.” Hence, we show up when you call as soon as we can, delivering a level of customer service that leads to a stress-free experience. Our team has the expertise and a team of repair specialists who are masters of their craft.

We have a customer first mentality, which is why we go deep into understanding what the issue is and offering an appliance repair service throughout Brisbane and the surrounding area. Because of our years of experience, we’re able to repair many types of household appliances including ovens, washers, dryers, stoves, and everything in between.

Clients just need to call us to speak to a technician. After a few questions, we provide customers with a no-obligation quote before beginning the job. Our business runs on our reputation, which has enabled us to become the leading locally operated and owned Brisbane appliance repair company.

Our claims might sound exaggerated, but we’re transparent with customers, and we frequently receive praise for our work. We go to clients when it’s convenient for them, with the acknowledgement that appliance malfunction isn’t just an emergency for them, but for us too.

We offer a complete, fast, and transparent appliance service in Brisbane, QLD, AU so that you can have a peace of mind that you’re not working with some random appliance repair vendor. Below is a list of areas we cover in and around Brisbane.

  • Appliance Repairs Brisbane GPO
  • Appliance Repairs Brisbane Grove
  • Appliance Repairs Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs East Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs Port of Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs Royal Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs South Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs South Brisbane BC
  • Appliance Repairs Saint Lucia
  • Appliance Repairs Ekibin
  • Appliance Repairs East Brisbane
  • Appliance Repairs Coorparoo
  • Appliance Repairs Spring Hill
  • Appliance Repairs Tennyson
  • Appliance Repairs Tarragindi
  • Appliance Repairs New Farm
  • Appliance Repairs Norman Park
  • Appliance Repairs Wellers Hill
  • Appliance Repairs Corinda
  • Appliance Repairs Rocklea
  • Appliance Repairs Ashgrove
  • Appliance Repairs Hawthorne
  • Appliance Repairs Oxley
  • Appliance Repairs Newstead
  • Appliance Repairs Bulimba
  • Appliance Repairs Breakfast Creek
  • Appliance Repairs Newmarket
  • Appliance Repairs Mount Gravatt
  • Appliance Repairs Hamilton
  • Appliance Repairs Eagle Farm
  • Appliance Repairs Darra
  • Appliance Repairs Acacia Ridge
  • Appliance Repairs Sunnybank
  • Appliance Repairs Belmont
  • Appliance Repairs Mitchelton
  • Appliance Repairs Brookfield

Brisbane Appliance Repairs Service, QLD Has the Most Affordable Rates and Fast Response Times

We quickly get to your place when you call us. Our team includes dozens of appliance repair technicians throughout who are available throughout Queensland. This coverage enables us to offer cheaper prices and respond quicker than our competitors. Give us a call and find out for yourself.

Though we offer multiple appliance repair services in Queensland, we particular specialize in:

Call Brisbane Appliance Repairs Service for All Kinds of Appliance Repairs

We do our best to reach clients on the same day as they call us. Though not always a possibility, we have a big enough repair team and a good completion rate. That said, we do take multiple factors into account including job complexity, location, time of the day and add-ons required by the client. Still, we try our best to offer same-day service.

We offer repair services for most appliances as well as a few unusual ones that other mobile repair vendors neglect. We have been in this appliance repair business for years and you’ll be pleased when you see our work. While the level of efficiency may leave you surprised, we won’t be surprised with the challenge at hand, so you can call us for all kinds of emergencies.

Servicing All Kinds of Models and Makes

We’re proud that we can service most appliance models and makes. We’re in fact confident that we can address issues in many popular brands as well as in the lesser known ones. We repair all of the leading brands of both domestic and international household appliances. Just give us a call to inquire about a specific brand.

Dishwasher Repairs Brisbane, QLD

We get a lot of service calls for dishwashing repairs. We can service all modes and makes as well as types of dishwashers including:

  • Free standing
  • Compact
  • Slimline
  • Hidden fully integrated
  • Countertop
  • Portable

In several instances, we carry the parts we require on the job in first visit. If the parts are in our technician’s bag, you can get the repair done in an instant. No weeks of waiting like you have to with other companies.

Dryer Repairs Brisbane, QLD

This may look simple but isn’t. But for our company, we live keeping it as simple as we can. That’s because issues related to a dryer aren’t new to us. We understand the impact a broken dryer can have which is why we take repairs seriously. Our technicians for dryer repair service in Brisbane can diagnose and address all malfunctions quickly.

If your dryer is making strange noises, or producing no heat, or is simply not working, get in touch with our mobile appliance repair team. We understand the concern and we’ll do our best to sort things out.

Garbage Disposal Repairs Brisbane, QLD

Most of us don’t see malfunctioning garbage disposal as an emergency, until it happens. When a garbage disposal stops functioning, it causes more issues than chopping garbage food up that went into the sink, as it can lead to backing up of drain water.

While you can expect a 7-9 years’ worry-free experience with garbage disposal, it can stop working without prior warning. Two of the most common things that indicate something isn’t right include:

  • No sound
  • Humming, but no grinding

Whatever the cost, the repair should be left to a professional. Perhaps the garbage disposal’s motor got jammed or burned, which means it needs to be replaced. If you take the DIY route, you could injure yourself or damage the pipelines which could result in bigger problems down the road.

Microwave Repairs Brisbane, QLD

Our microwave repairing for Brisbane, QLD, AU is top-notch. We’re confident in our ability to repair all types of microwaves including

  • Under-counter
  • Over the range
  • Countertop
  • Grill function microwave
  • Over the range
  • Built-in above the counter
  • Suspended under-cabinet

Getting an outright replacement can be costly, especially if it’s fixed above the stove or built into the counter. Repairing it might be more viable. We can help if your microwave’s functions aren’t working, it isn’t heating the meals properly, or the table-top has stopped rotating.

Oven Repairs Brisbane, QLD

Ovens are one of the most challenging appliances to fix because no dependent parts exist for them. For most instances, you don’t identify the real problem which has resulted in many people replacing the entire thing. This is where our team steps in to save customers’ money and hassle.

Ovens commonly get need repairs because they:

  • Cook unevenly
  • Don’t turn on
  • Fail to heat to the fixed temperature
  • Don’t heat at all

Aside from the fact that it is challenging to diagnose oven related problems, it is costly to replace an oven too. In most is instances, repairing is more affordable to gain back standard use. Moreover, it is better than spending time finding the exact replacement to go with the rest of your kitchen décor and appliances.

Refrigerator Repairs Brisbane, QLD

Refrigerators are another kitchen appliance essential that sadly have a lot of moving parts that could break as soon as they fall. With that said, they too are better to repair than to replace (moving them from the vendor shop to the home and vice versa is a hassle in itself). Our Brisbane repair services comes to your home when you want and does the repair. At the end of it all, you can be sure that the issue has been fixed for good.

Guarantee of repair is another thing that sets our Brisbane appliance repair business apart. We are proud of our work because we are 100% confident that we’ll be able to solve your appliance related problem. Fixing the refrigerator is something our team is skilled at, and something we’re proud to do.

Stove Repairs Brisbane, QLD

When it comes to diagnosing a faulty stove, there are many things to take into account like internal fuses, infinite switch, baking element, surface burner, broil, electronic cool unit, temperature sensor, and more. Our technicians for stove repairs have the knowledge and ability to diagnose all kinds of stoves. You can be worry free when you give them a call, because they’ll go out of their way to identify the issue and perform the repair. It’s what they do best.

Some of the usual repairs with stoves are not so usual, and every model requires a different approach. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions with repair, which assured that the fixed strove is safe to use multiple times, like before.

Washing Machine Repairs Brisbane, QLD

Another appliance repair that we specialize in is washing machines. Of course, you can call us for a washing machine repair service, and we’re certain that no one compares to us. We offer mobile appliance repair service throughout Brisbane, QLD and many surrounding suburbs. No project is too big for us, and because of our experience, we can do all kinds of repair jobs really quick, unlike other service providers.

Give us a call if you see your washer doing any of these things:

  • Water leakage
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Doesn’t dispense a detergent
  • Inconsistent or no spinning
  • Erratically moving and shaking
  • Foul odor
  • Too much noise than in normal state
  • No water draining

Suburbs in and Around Brisbane We Service

The following is a compilation of cities that we serve in and around Queensland. Please note that our appliance repair service isn’t limited to these areas, and can reach many other QLD places:

Brisbane GPO, Brisbane Grove, Brisbane, East Brisbane, Port of Brisbane, Royal Brisbane, South Brisbane, South Brisbane BC, Saint Lucia, Ekibin, East Brisbane, Coorparoo, Spring Hill, Tennyson, Tarragindi,  Norman Park, Wellers Hill, Corinda, Rocklea, Ashgrove, Hawthorne, Oxley, Newstead, Bulimba, Breakfast Creek, Newmarket, Mount Gravatt, Hamilton, Eagle Farm, Darra, Acacia Ridge, Sunnybank, Belmont, Mitchelton, Brookfield, Logan, Loganholme,  Loganlea, Logan Central, Chambers Flat, Ipswich, Karana Downs, Brookfield, The Gap, Ferny grove, Cashmere, Strathpine, Burpengary, Redcliffe, Eagle Farm, Wynnum, Wellington Point, Cleveland, Victoria Point

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